Nati’s coin banks and her first bike

I used to have a piggy bank when I was younger but I did not experience the thrill of opening it when it’s already full because I and my sister used to fish out some coins from it when we wanted to buy something from the neighbor’s store. We don’t want to ask for money from our late Mamang and the piggy bank is the answer to our every junk food and candy cravings.

Inserting coins in coin slot as fine motor activity.

When Nati was about 18 months and she can handle coins already (by not putting it in her mouth), one of her fine motor activities is “feeding” her little piggy. We give her 5 and 10 peso coins that she will painstakingly insert in the coin slot. It was frustrating for her during the first tries but after a day or two of doing the activity, she mastered inserting the coins in the slot with ease! Good job baby! When she’s done, she would ask us to open the pig’s tummy so she could fish out all the coins and do the activity again until she’ll get bored. Too bad I can’t locate the video I took while Nati was inserting coins in the coin slot like a pro.

Nati and her piggy bank and new coin bank.

Nati and her coin banks

One night in July, she saw some coin banks (in cylindrical shape) wrapped with cute paper in the night market in Roxas Avenue. Of course she didn’t know it’s a coin bank but insisted on getting one specifically the largest one because of the Hello Kitty prints on it. After a few minutes of convincing her to just get the second to the smallest coin bank, she nodded (means she agrees with what Mama wants). She was giddy!

We gave her coins for her new coin bank the following day. After inserting the last piece of coin, she wanted me to open her new “alkansya” and cried when I said we can’t open it like her cute piggy bank. What Ace did was hide the new coin bank to spare us from meltdowns. So she does her fine motor activity with the pink piggy and we give her coins to deposit in her butterfly coin bank when she’s done playing.

On saving and the reward.

Two months of depositing in her butterfly coin bank and it was already full so we are forced to open it and Nati saved two thousand pesos! We decided to get her a bike from the money she was able to save since she’s been showing interest with bikes every time she sees one that we have to refrain from passing by Toy Kingdom and Toys ‘R Us whenever we’re at the mall.

Nati’s money allowed us to get a toddler bike. If I had it my way, I wanted a neutral color but option with colors and design is limited to we opted for a pink and purple bike that she drove around the mall after buying it.


Nati's first bike

Nati’s first bike from her savings.

Thrilled is an understatement for Nati upon riding her first bike. I am happy that the fine motor activity that she gets frustrated with during the first tries is a success – improved her fine motor skills and got a bike after 2 months of feeding her coin bank every time we give her coins to play with.


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