McDonald’s Kiddie Crew Workshop for underprivileged kids

McDonald’s Kiddie Crew Workshop

McDonald’s Kiddie Crew program has been running as the company’s flagship family program since 1992. It aims to promote children’s well-being through fun activities that help kids develop skills and gain new friends. It is a fun-filled 5-day learning workshop that consists of activities that will help harness their sense of discipline, hard work, teamwork, responsibility, and sharing.

On Giving Back

McDonald’s partnered with Davao Bloggers Society to have the kids from two chosen orphanages in Davao City – Padre Pio Children’s Home and Providence Home of St. Joseph experience the fun and exciting McDonald’s Kiddie Crew Regional Workshop on April 6, 2016 at the McDonald’s Bajada store.

Learning is Fun

Kids had a quick exposure in the three key areas of the store – the lobby, front counter, and drive thru – to at least have a grasp of the activities of a McDonald’s crew.

McDonald's Kiddie Crew Workshop 2016 lobby photo

Ronald giving a high five to the kids who are waiting for customers at the front door.

McDonald's Kiddie Crew Workshop 2016 counter photo

McDonald’s Kiddie Crew kids at the counter

McDonald's Kiddie Crew Workshop drive thru photo

Kids at the drive thru counter

The most anticipated part (at least for me) of  the McDonald’s Kiddie Crew Workshop is the Cheeseburger making. Kids were ecstatic as they assemble their own all-time favorite Cheeseburger, putting in one ingredient after another and they were taught the proper technique of wrapping it. Of course, they had it for merienda at the end of the program.

McDonald's Kiddie Crew Worskshop 2016 cheeseburger making

Make your own Cheeseburger

Other activities include arts and craft to hone the imagination and artistic skills of the kids. The workshop was more memorable for the kids with the presence of Ronald McDonald who taught everybody in the room the signature Ronald dance. 

Ronald McDonald teaching kids do the Ronald dance

Ronald McDonald himself teaches the Ronald dance to kids

It was indeed a fun-filled yet enriching afternoon for the kids and the kids at heart. 

McDonald's Kiddie Workshop Crew 2016 graduates

The graduates of the McDonald’s Kiddie Crew 2016 Davao workshop.

Thank you, McDonald’s for partnering with Davao Bloggers Society in your program to give back to the community – and that is hosting Kiddie Crew Regional Workshop to these underprivileged kids for free! This experience will surely be stored in every kid’s memory bank – and ours too!

How to join the program?

Make your kids’ summer fun and exciting as they learn. Sign them up to the program in the nearest McDonald’s store in your place. Workshop fee is Php650 that includes workshop t-shirt, cap, bag, I.D., workshop materials, pin/badge for every activity, apron, chef’s hat, meals for five days, and a certificate. Visit McDonald’s facebook page for more information.

Share and Inspire

Don’t forget to take photos of your kids! Inspire others to join by sharing your kid/s’ proud Kiddie Crew moments by posting them on Facebook, or tagging @McDo_PH on Twitter or Instagram.

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