Free EQ Diapers Sampler Kit

Weeks after we learned that we are pregnant, some Mommy blogger friends shared a link to submit my information and pregnancy proof so I may be able to receive a FREE EQ Diapers sampler kit. I didn’t budge until after my first trimester. I visited the link, filled up the form and attached the photo of my transvaginal ultrasound during my 8th week, then forgot about it.

Earlier today, we were awakened by somebody knocking by the gate. Ace went out to check who it is and came back with a pouch from a courier. I wasn’t expecting anything (since I didn’t shopped online) so I was a bit surprised. Ace said it’s a bag but when I checked it, it’s from EQ Diapers! I was elated so I grabbed the pouch from him and excitedly opened it.

The sampler kit contains a diaper pouch, Caress Maternity Pads (that I believe will be used right after giving birth), EQ Dry Disposable Diaper, Nursy Baby Wipes, and a cute Baby Journal.

EQ Diapers Sample Kit

Not that much but we are very grateful for this EQ Diapers sampler kit! Will keep the products and try it soon.

If you’re an expecting Mom like me and wanted to receive a sampler kit from EQ Diapers, visit and submit the necessary information needed.


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    Gud Day EQ Dry, I had 3 kids now and im wondering if i can have ur free samples too?Thanks in advance. God Bless!!!

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