Easy guide for a fun pool party

Summer is over but it’s not yet too late to organize a pool party with family and friends. Though the rainy season is here, it still feels like summer at times because of the scorching heat of the sun. After all, kids love the pool all-the-time so it’s still the best time to cool down. The great thing about a pool party is that with their relaxed atmosphere, it’s relatively easy to arrange.

Electrolux has some tips to pull off a fun pool party. Check out the simple checklist, get ready to cool off and have fun!

Set up the time

An email or Facebook invitation works well. Make it clear that it’s a pool party, and that guests should be prepared with towels and swimsuits.

Keep the décor simple

floating lantern

Floating Lantern makes a perfect pool party decor

A few simple, creative touches will do the trick. Pool parties demand color, so add some bright tableware, fun decorations and colorful touches– a few vases of flowers and grass skirts to line the food table for a more outdoorsy feel.
electrolux side by side ref

Electrolux Side by Side Refrigerator, ESE6200PD


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 Party details

Set up a table with poolside necessities for your guests. Glassware is a big poolside no-no; use paper cups and colorful paper straws instead.Towels in bright tropical colours, sunscreen, and chilled water should be within easy reach. Refrigerators like the Electrolux ESE6200PD come with Freezer Space Plus that offer extra freezer room so you can quickly chill drinks and keep them cold during the party.

Fruit salad on a stick

Assemble a refreshing and healthy alternative to the usual poolside snack. Thread rounds of different fruits in season on wooden skewers for a crowd-friendly, easy-to-eat appetizer.

Organize some games

Most adults would enjoy a game of pool volleyball or basketball. Set up the net in advance or if your guests prefer to chill out, bring out giant “post-worthy” pool floats so your guests can enjoy floating and documenting your party on their social media accounts.


For more tips, please visit electrolux.com.ph or their Facebook page.

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