DIY Project: Nati’s Peacock Costume

soft tulle, satin ribbon, beads, and sequins for DIY no-sew Peacock tutu

Tulle and other materials for no-sew peacock Tutu

This DIY mama did it again! COSTUME = DIY for me. A-L-W-A-Y-S. Because I am not willing to spend that much for a ready-made costume, I searched for cute costume inspirations in Pinterest and I found Peacock something worth trying. It must be because of the beautiful colors of the feather! So we head on to the fabric store one Sunday afternoon after the worship service. While almost everybody were buying either black, red or white fabric for the kid’s costumes, I was scouting the fabric section with shades of blue, apple green, and purple soft tulle that will be used for Nati’s no-sew Tutu skirt. Yes, you read it right – NO SEW – because this crafty stage mama doesn’t have a sewing machine.  But even if I can find a machine in the neighborhood, I don’t know how to operate one so I am always on the hunt for no-sew DIY costume. Aside from tulles, I also got a pack of beads and sequins, and a couple of satin ribbons for Nati’s headband.

I don’t have time to look for a blue onesie for the Peacock’s top and since I am already on thrift mode, I rummaged Nati’s old clothes and luckily found a while long sleeved onesie. Light bulb moment! Dyed the white onesie and turn it to blue! Not only that, I also included Nati’s old white stockings in the process since blue stockings is hard to find! I realized fabric dyeing is fun! 

dyeing white onesie to blue for the peacock costume

Fabric dyeing

This procastinator waited for the last minute to finish Nati’s costume. A night before the Halloween Trick or Treat event in SM City Davao, I was already cramming so I forced the husband to help. He gave a hand in cutting the felt cloth for the Peacock’s feathers and I must say he did a great job! We were up until 4AM just to finish this little Peacock outfit for our little darling!

DIY Peacock costume

DIY no-sew Peacock outfit

Peacock top – Nati’s white onesie that she hasn’t used for months, hand-dyed. Sew in a flower made of satin ribbon and DIY peacock feather made of felt cloth. Tutu skirt – More or less 2 meters of tulle (in different colors), cut 2 inches wide and 20 inches long. Stacked 4 layers of tulle (for fluffier tutu, add more layers) and tied it in the gross grain ribbon.  Peacock feathers – hard felt cloth glued together  Peacock headband – white fold-over elastic, hand-dyed (together with the onesie and stockings), Kanzashi satin ribbon, and peacock feather. Stockings – it’s really hard to find a blue stockings. Not even sure if there is one. Nati’s old white stockings dyed together with the onesie and fold-over elastic. Isn’t it so ADORABLE? Me and the husband are very excited to see Nati’s reaction when she’ll wake up. Excited and worried at the same time because Nati might not want to wear the skirt as she refused to try it on while I am still finishing it. Another problem is the boots. She doesn’t like to wear her boots that she chose to wear her black shoes on the way to the event area. Fortunately, she slept in the cab so we had a chance to change her shoes without fuss. When she woke up, she just looked at her boots. No reaction, contrary to what we’re expecting. 

Peacock outfit action shot

DIY peacock outfit

So here’s our little Peacock! Thank you, Pinterest for all the DIY inspirations!haha

Treat or Treating in SM City Davao

Nati as Little Peacock

The father and daughter tandem had fun trick or treating. 

checking her Trick or Treat loots

Checking on her loots and opened the candies one by one while we are resting our tired feet. She’s not actually eating the candies, she’s just tasting it and gives it to me to finish it.haha. Oh, that’s one of the Mommy duties not written in the book!

Little Peacock on the loose! We’re supposed to go home but she found an open space where she could freely run (and play!). It took us more or less 10 minutes convincing her to go home but to no avail. She would just run away from us! The trick? “Nati, let’s go. Sakay tayo horse!” and it worked like magic as always. 

Little Peacock on a carousel

And the little Peacock rode a carousel to cap off her day. For the record, she didn’t ask for “dede” during and after the event. But shortly after we were settled in a friend’s car (we hitched with our neighbor friends), she latched and dozed off.

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