Celebrity Beauty Secrets Revealed

If there was a certain type of person (other than a skincare professional, of course) that knows how to maintain healthy glowing skin, it’s a celebrity. Under constant scrutiny by the media and masses, the stars know exactly what they need to do to always be camera-ready. While everyone has a distinctive skin type and reacts to products differently, it’s good to know what skincare routines the ladies in showbiz are currently following. After all, underneath all that makeup, the celebs are just like us, doing what we can to fight acne and other imperfections in order for our skin to be as healthy and beautiful as possible.

From singers to television stars and models, here are the beauty secrets from the world’s most gorgeous celebrities.


Nicole Scherzinger
The former Pussycat Doll and X Factor judge is the envy of every woman, as she is constantly photographed with flawless, glowing skin. Not only does she use moisturizer on her body, but she also pays attention to the kind of makeup she uses. She recently shared with Get the Gloss, “I add a lot of moisturizer to my foundations to illuminate my skin and use highlighter on my cheekbones. I also use cream blushes and cream eyeshadows—Chanel, Max Factor and MAC do the best ones.”

Gemma Atkinson
Emmerdale is one of the longest running soap operas in Britain and often lends itself as a theme for popular digital games. One of the newer members of the cast is former Hollyoaks and Casualty actress Gemma Atkinson. Unlike some celebrities who have complicated beauty regimens, Atkinson likes to keep things simple. Rather than using lotion or creams, she uses Lucy Bee Coconut Oil as an all-around moisturizer. She also likes to have a collagen drink in the morning, as she is wary of what she puts in her body, not on it.

Miranda Kerr
Another fan of coconut oil is Australia’s top model Miranda Kerr. With cameras always pointing her way, any blemish will be visible to the rest of the world if she doesn’t take care of herself. Although she does have her own organic skincare line, there are also natural remedies she follows. Since coconut oil is packed with anti-inflammatories and skin-friendly fats, she pours four tablespoons in her tea and food, which helps her maintain her luminous, healthy skin and hair.

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