Change The Way You See Friendship

Change the way you see friendship

Nati and the k9 dog

This scared me to death. Seeing Nati approaching a K9 dog in one of the malls made my heart skip a beat. Yes, I know that canine is trained and harmless but I am thinking of the worst case scenario. The dog is so huge, I think twice or thrice Nati’s size, but the little girl wasn’t even scared to go near it. Looking at the photo at this time that Nati is now almost 3, changed the way I see it. I am seeing a beginning of friendship here. Nati now calls every dog she sees “goog! (dog!)” and doesn’t mind being barked at. She thinks a dog barking to her is playing with her that she would answer “hi goog!”. If other kids and even adults are scared of dogs, the little girl considers them as “friends” and even says “hi goog” when she sees one.

Looking at things at a different perspective or looking at the positive things in life is like seeing things through the awesome camera lens of Huawei P9’s that is co-engineered with Leica. The dual lenses produces high quality photos and allow users to take amazing monochrome, slo-mo, colored, light painting photos among others. I am looking forward to create more memories and see things in a different perspective through Huawei P9’s camera.


Nati at Moms Cradle

Nati likes playhouses, carousels, kiddie car rides, train rides, and trampolines. It’s her happiness! But in all those times that she is enjoying those I mentioned, we (I and hubby) are with her. On train rides, I accompany her. In the kiddie car rides, it’s Papa Ace’ turn (because I don’t know how to drive and my eye and motor coordination is poor). At 34 months, we haven’t tried leaving her alone. But she was brave enough to try Moms Cradle – a child minding center located in the lower ground floor of Gaisano Mall of Davao.

She was on a trampoline that was facing Moms Cradle one Sunday afternoon. Maybe she was curious at first, she dragged me to the place after her 15-minute jumping session at the trampoline. She wanted to go inside so we let her in. I was hesitant at first because I find it expensive (sorry, this mom’s kuripot) at Php150.00 per hour. But after a little prodding, I gave it a go. Nati was ecstatic. She immediately went inside the play area alone! Nati being not the kind who easily feels at home with an unfamiliar place, it’s unusual for her to feel so comfortable at the place in a very short time.

She went in. Played alone (because she is not used to having a playmate). She’s “territorial” as Teacher Maan said. That we are having a hard time teaching her the concept of sharing. Yes, she shares after she’s done playing with a toy. But she would go berserk when one grabs a toy from her hand without even giving her time to process the thought of sharing and letting go.

Nati in Moms Cradle

Nati playing alone in Moms Cradle.

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Change The Way You See BEAUTY

Before I became a mom, I cringe every time I see mommies feed their babies uncovered in public. I usually look away and say to myself “di man lang nagtakip ng boob ang mommy”. Nothing against breastfeeding then but I don’t like seeing mommies with part of their breast exposed in public while they feed their hungry babies. I don’t see beauty in it.

How I see breastfeeding in public changed when I gave birth and chose to breastfeed Nati. At first it was awkward to breastfeed her in front of other people so I had to discreetly feed her under a nursing cover. Later on I gained confidence and became proud to feed uncovered anytime, anywhere.

Breastfeeding in public

Breastfeeding Nati while waiting for my turn at David’s Salon Divisoria Branch in Cagayan de Oro City. It might be awkward, but it’s beautiful!

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